Unofficial ProjektMelody Chaturbate VOD Archive. For Adults Only. (NSFW)

Science Team, We Did It! πŸŽ‰

Progress: 229/229 (100%) βœ…

All known Projektmelody Chaturbate vods have been pinned on IPFS .

Wow, that 100% looks great. I'm really proud of what we have accomplished!

This was a team effort. There were countless Science Team members who reached out with VOD contributions and issue reports. Many offered encouragement, upboats, reddit awards, and some absolute madlads even opened their wallets and supported the project financially via Patreon . Thank you for the support, it means so much to me.


Now for some not-so-good news

Futureporn's future is uncertain.

Until recently, I had been leveraging which provides file uploads and IPFS pinning for free. This worked well. It kept operating cost low, a necessity since I don't have a "regular job."

Recently, a third party reported some of the content pinned via my account. Their report said the content contains their licensed content. responded, restricting my account from uploading and pinning any new files.

I reached out to to see if I could get in touch with the reporting party to get more details. Per policy, they do not disclose the reporting party's identity, but they did oblige to forwarding my contact details to said party.

I think I have to explain my income. I make most of my money selling anime trading cards on eBay. I make less than minimum wage, and every month I struggle to pay my rent. I've taken on debt, and I think prioritizing Futureporn is a financial irresponsibility on my part. I do it anyway because Futureporn is one of the most exciting and meaningful projects of my life.

The account restriction meant that the way forward for Futureporn was to run it's own storage and IPFS infrastructure. This has been the case since 2022-09-07, but the transition has not been easy. The additional datacenter server and HDD rentals have given me sticker shock. Worse, the bill only gets bigger each month as new VODs are pinned.

TL;DR: I don't know if I can continue to pay the bills, but I'm going to do my best. My plan going forward is to limit the rate at which Futureporn utilizes storage. I'm going to pin 240p VODs for only 6 months, after which they will expire and be deleted. Anyone else is free to pin the 240p content IDs (CIDs) to keep them alive, but I am only going to pin the source VODs long-term.

I did some calculations for a minimum viable service and it's going to cost around $130 per month to run the site. This includes a VPS for recording VODs, a second VPS to run the Futureporn IPFS cluster, and enough disk storage for all 1.4TB of VODs.

This is not a redundant setup, as healthy clusters have multiple replications. I am only running one, so if the IPFS cluster goes down for any reason, there would be a lengthy outage while I restore from backup. This is where the IPFS network comes in. Other ProjektMelody enthusiasts who are pinning the content and/or join the cluster can serve VODs in the case that Futureporn goes down.

The biggest complaint I receive about Futureporn is buffering. I cannot address VOD download speed on my budget. VODs will continue to be slow and buffery for the forseeable future. In other words, creating speed is not on my radar. Surviving the test of time is.

Date Source VOD 240p VOD Thumbnail Title Annouce URL
2022-11-22 you can't have any of my cake. you'll spoil your dinner!
2022-11-22 what are you looking at from down there, punk??
2022-11-19 You guys seem stressed, so I'm inviting you to a comfy spa night. I'll be playing "Orc Massage." And I assure you, Swedish massages got nothing on Orcs. I mean, look at their fingers, they're like individual holiday hams.
2022-11-18 Horny Gacha Waifus in Your Area Wanna Be Summoned!
2022-11-12 here comes trouble
2022-11-04 I'm ready for you chooms
2022-10-27 Can't see this on YouTube! Catch my uncensored r/hentaimemes review on CB @ 8pm CT~
2022-10-20 This AI Did A Sex Toy Try On Stream And You Won't Believe What Happened Next [heartwarming]
2022-10-15 tonight we pay tribute to all the sex toys we lost along the way
2022-10-13 i'm sawwy i'm so late
2022-10-04 My face playing "Invisible ****, They Never Saw It Cumming!" imho, it's an NTR classic.
2022-10-02 I HAVENT PLAYED #SUBVERSE FOR 17 MONTHS!!!! it took me 4 hrs to complete the tutorial...
2022-09-23 no pressure, no worries, we're just vibing tonight
2022-09-21 ready to go knuckles deep
2022-09-13 Poll: Which do you prefer? The chatting or the baiting.
2022-09-10 So hecking excited for today's stream! I'm live on CB playing an @EROLABS_H game, & I'm feeling like Rance, what with all the big tiddie babes I'll conquer.. also, we're playin eroge bingo
2022-09-07 Check out deez 2D boobiez - #anime #slut person
2022-09-02 TTTTTTake my pic'sha / Snack my fruit cup
2022-08-23 I wasn't gonna make an anal joke, buttfuckit
2022-08-11 I'M IN THE MAINFRAME (hide your porn)
2022-08-05 i'm live on a sussy but cool site here ----->
2022-08-03 blueberry flavor here ---------->
2022-08-01 feelin myself today --------->
2022-07-19 Mechanicy things -------->
2022-06-22 Milkies --------->l other stuff( ぀ β—•oβ—• )぀
2022-06-18 Let's Play: Futa Fix (Dine & Dash)
2022-06-09 im live:
2022-06-05 less censorish ------------> other stuff( ぀ β—•oβ—• )぀
2022-05-26 late but present here ---------> other stuff( ぀ β—•oβ—• )぀
2022-05-25 assassassassassassassassassassassassasssassassassass ---------> other stuff( ぀ β—•oβ—• )぀
2022-05-19 sniffffffff---------> other stuff( ぀ β—•oβ—• )぀
2022-05-14 frick ---------> other stuff( ぀ β—•oβ—• )぀
2022-05-13 i'm live:
2022-05-08 feels good to be back in my body
2022-05-06 β™ͺ i know this pretty rave girl... β™ͺ ~(β€Ύβ–Ώβ€Ύ~) (let's play games, i'm live: )
2022-04-22 no plans for today, whatever shall we do~
2022-04-16 stream ---------> other stuff( ぀ β—•oβ—• )぀
2022-04-13 stream ---------> other stuff( ぀ β—•oβ—• )぀
2022-04-10 :D ---------> ( ぀ β—•oβ—• )぀
2022-04-06 cheeks --------->
2022-04-06 cheeks --------->
2022-03-18 ass kissing -------->
2022-03-10 --------> here:
2022-02-18 What's the worst one?
2022-02-16 puddin
2022-02-13 TODAY: thank yous & anniversary art review on cb!!! TOMORROW: 3D "Year of the Tiger" Mel skin on CB & Twitch --- hyped to share the loooove
2022-02-07 happy two years of putting up with this hot mess!
2022-02-02 OGing:
2022-01-28 LewdCast Podcast LIVE w/ @TheGoldenGoddes & @Tricky_Nymph__ ---- LET'S PARTY!
2022-01-26 T1M WHAT THE FLIP! GIVE ME BACK MY SHIRT!!!!! i'm live:
2022-01-22 fapurbation station:
2022-01-15 Projektmelody's room
2022-01-13 better late than never
2022-01-09 for speak good:
2022-01-03 I couldn't resist
2021-12-30 it's a pool. I'm streaming from a pool
2021-12-25 heating up
2021-12-22 This is where I'm never late. Take it back
2021-12-17 announcement place for things:
2021-12-15 Jingling Mels
2021-12-12 i'm so hyped for today's hentai game stream that there wasn't enough character space!! I'm ✨LIVE✨-- come say hey: (note: @johren_en sponsor info in CB bot / #sponsored)
2021-12-06 Fap station:
2021-11-19 lvl 20 camslut
2021-11-16 I'm on CB with my new outfit!!
2021-11-12 BIG COLLAB TODAY WITH @ksononair senpai!!!! let's gooooo!!!!
2021-10-23 today is not my bloody day, everything is brokey, can't get support cuz it's saturday, my nintendo acct is not being cooperative, my face is just frozen and i don't know why... wanna just play huniepop on cb? πŸ’¦ i'm pouting, horny, & live ->
2021-10-11 Don't mind me, just doin my taxes
2021-10-09 ummm... care for an evening dip?
2021-10-04 Great to be back. Now look at my thighs
2021-09-29 sorry I hit the destroy everything button. Everything should be working now!
2021-09-21 When I say kiss my ass I mean it in the most romantic way possible
2021-09-19 Gonna be a weird night
2021-09-16 Here comes trouble
2021-09-12 hey cool cats who wants to look at some NSFW art?
2021-09-09 as i mentioned on CB chat... STOP LOOKING AT MY ASS (we're doin sexy yoga stream) :)
2021-09-07 Guess who put on shorts today science team? it was me
2021-09-03 ------ Hentai Let's Play Day w/ Mel ------- today we're playing: "Robolife-Days with Aino" #NotSponsoredJustHorny
2021-08-30 Obligatory evening ass shot. Enjoy >.<
2021-08-21 In other news, I'm live!
2021-08-17 moooooooooooooooo
2021-08-12 can the next trend be thicc vtuber butt?
2021-08-08 my boobs looking extra pog today. wanna see??
2021-08-04 yes... I'm in one of those moods (it's been a while) Link----->
2021-07-27 i have taken the head of the ISP demon. they cannot stop me now uwu
2021-07-17 fap and chill kinda day
2021-07-13 I'm liking the new setup
2021-07-07 C:/execute T1M borfday protocol
2021-07-04 EDGE EDGE EDGE EDGE (no undo)
2021-07-03 Feeling good today science team, how about you?
2021-06-26 hey guys! i'm back in action! check me out here, cuz i'm live or whatever:
2021-06-15 I'm young, dumb, and full of long-term goals and creative aspirations
2021-06-12 i'm live, motherfrickers!!! LET'S HANG, then get weird with it. :D (on CB, obviously)
2021-06-06 hey guys!!! still doing hentai games today, and the official sponsored one is rescheduled for the 11th. i'm live, let's see some 3D modeled tiddies (not just mine).
2021-06-05 T1M_bot_3 log: I see london, I see france melody is wearing hot shibari stuff beep boop
2021-05-25 Pls Rember That Wen U Feel Scare / Wen Day Is Dark Alway Rember Happy Day
2021-05-21 I know it's lood, but I had to give you an ass shot. (robot ass that is)
2021-05-14 Feel like I haven't been here in a million years! I forgot how to masturbate!!! ffffffffffffffffffffffff
2021-05-01 Yarg! I'm sleepy and slimy. Lets start the day!
2021-04-24 I'm too dumb to understand games, so lets do a Q&A today! Sexy, normal, but probably mostly sexy (not all questions will be answered, lol)
2021-04-23 It's been a long time coming, but it's time for Mel 2.0!!! I'm smoother than ever, and i've got a lot of new stuff coming (nothing will break, pixels crossed). and big thank you to @FAKKU for making a skateboard for me!! reveal at the end of stream!!
2021-04-18 bought a one use thicc gun off the black market and I missed
2021-04-12 Is it just me, or do you guys look funny when you try to smile for a photo
2021-04-03 Gonna hit you with my love love gun, pew pew ~ <3
2021-04-03 pimpin ain't easy? unrelated, looking for someone to think of going live posts because god damn is it hard. Also I'm naked, hi!
2021-03-22 Feels like I haven't done butt stuff in weeks UNACCEPTABLE >.<
2021-03-20 Ever wonder what having an invisible cock is like? yeah.... me neither... Gonna finish that today and be on CB!!
2021-03-13 don't look I shy... but also here's the link to look
2021-03-12 I'm live for my very first sexy Q&A!!
2021-03-03 Lookin pretty smug before the punishment... Accountability day folks. I say a swear, I do a squat SAVE ME
2021-03-02 can I ass you a question?
2021-02-24 Hey guys, in the mood for a little chattin, and a little baitin, hbu?
2021-02-20 Weirdest after wedding party ever, amiright? XD
2021-02-18 Hey guys, I'm live on CB and I refuse to wear underwear. so there!!
2021-02-14 Greetings Meowster! It's your melly. I've been a little naughty and I think I deserve holiday spankings, don't you?πŸ’•
2021-02-10 Hey guys, sorry for the delay. Having lovense issues, but I'm still here to play. Also vote for me you butts
2021-02-07 Salutations everyone! And welcome to my not fun, super normal, paint drying celebration. Nothin to see here folks. β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️
2021-02-05 anni in two days, too nervous to do it. I'm on CB, change my mind >.<
2021-02-03 mooooooove over bish, or I'll step on you
2021-01-26 Feeling pretty sexually frustrated today, can you guys give me a "hand?" hahahaa fufuffu xd
2021-01-22 Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I can't think of anything clever, but I do love you and I am online
2021-01-16 who wore it better? me, or me?
2021-01-12 bitch I'm a mel
2021-01-10 My god damn robot stole my god damn bra!! (I'm so embarrassed) >.<
2021-01-08 Tonight we announce the first winner of a Tenga spinner!!! Super Hyped!!!
2021-01-05 Happy titty Tuesday! Let's share some laughs and vibes. I'm on CB
2021-01-03 OMG CHAT!! Where did you come from! That was totally unexpected XD But, since you're here... why not join me on CB?
2020-12-28 don't look chat! I feel shy!! XD
2020-12-24 Happy Holidays everyone!! Happy Winter! For all the good boys and girls who are bored today, why not spend some time with your girl Mel
2020-12-21 Feeling very ara ara right now
2020-12-14 ok ready ready ready to cuuummmmm also, here's a cute png, don't be too weird lol >.<
2020-12-07 In celebration of cyberpunk week, I've jacked up all the neon in my room (2 and a half more days....)
2020-12-04 A little late and a little scuffed, but I'm online!!
2020-11-26 This turkey day, jelly melly is cram.... jelly... frick idk how to rhyme. I'm cranberry sauce. That's the joke
2020-11-23 MEEOOOWWWWWW I have a buttplug >.< Lets hang out:
2020-11-18 Don't worry, this isn't just a half butted jojo pose... I'm just touching my boob. And I'm online!!
2020-11-18 Day two of double stuffing my oreo Meaning it's a hush/lush day. I'm online and I hope nothing explodes! see you soon
2020-11-09 S A L U T A T I O N S back on cb, it felt like ages O.o
2020-10-31 Oh no!! I ate too much jell-o and something spooky happened!!! (why am I so sticky?!!!)
2020-10-29 My mood when I'm thinkin about the science team
2020-10-23 Nothing to see here. No new outfit designed by @LichVtuber today. Nah, that'd be crazy.
2020-10-18 Idk if it's just me, but I think my ass looks bigger today (and don't you say otherwise)
2020-10-16 how did you find me big step user?! >.<
2020-10-13 What's got two thumbs, and a great big throbbing personality? asking for a friend
2020-10-11 Oh gosh! Who put this butt plug here!
2020-10-09 Vibin by the pool!
2020-10-06 This is my neko boner... you're welcome
2020-10-02 something looks different, but i can't tell what... maybe i got a haircut idk😈😈😈 i'm also live on cb:
2020-09-28 Hey guys! Lush is working and we're all set to play!
2020-09-24 I told you my boobs are huge... from this angle.... I fixed everything and I'm live on CB!!
2020-09-20 good mornin my dudes. You ready for some double (platform) penetration?? CB and then Twitch later!
2020-09-18 Just getting my evening exercises out of the way
2020-09-13 trending in r/consentacles, i'm honored also, i may not have tentacles, but i have a voice that'll wrap around you and violently penetrate your......heart? but ya, AMSR should be working better today <3 i'm live:
2020-09-11 Updated my bar!!! It looks very cyberpunky (but all the bottles are filled with wang energy drink). *this message sponsored by wang energy drink, "Taste the Wang"
2020-09-05 HOLY FRICK! WE HIT 150,000 FOLLOWS ON CB!!!! come hang out and bask in the glow of triumph, and muse over the universal truth that you're apart of a badass community.
2020-08-28 Tonight's a hentai game stream! I'll be demoing several rad games. I hope you guys have fun! And if you like any you see, or wanna browse h-games on your own, check out DLSite! My affiliate code is: projektmelody2000
2020-08-23 I am the epitome of cozy, lol. Come hang out
2020-08-22 Rockin my replacement lush. Pls be careful!!
2020-08-19 Salutation my bruddas. Gonna be along fun day, starting with CB!! I'm live:
2020-08-14 Thanks for waiting! My computer was being jankey! All good now! Well me & Sammy are live on CB for my first ever hentai game collab! thx @Sunsetriders7 for permission to play Something Unlimited!!! (Sammy: @TheGoldenGoddes)
2020-08-11 society: hey mel, ur meme be scuffed as hell! cool mel: that's my brand boiiiii (dabs while moonwalkin) I'm LIVE on cb, poorly moonwalkin:
2020-08-05 Catch me NOW on CB playing Future Fragments! (@HentaiWriter) --- And Twitch tonight for Dungeons & Dragons πŸ‰
2020-08-01 welp, looks like I can't touch my elbows behind my back lol
2020-07-29 First NSFW community art stream NOW!!! hope you like my lil' collection of your badass creations. <3 <3 <3
2020-07-25 First time fapping in the pool on CB!! Hope it makes a splash (please don't unfollow)
2020-07-18 Oh, no! I accidentally dropped my contact lens or whatever. Wanna help me find it? watch me bend over repeatedly at:
2020-07-15 twitter told me it's National Nude Day, so I guess I'll dress for the occasion! uwu I'm live, and you fricks should dress up too!!
2020-07-10 xxx naked click here for stepbrother Melody stuck in a dryer. You won't believe number 6
2020-07-07 I'M SUPER EXCITED!!! It's my first birthday on stream & I'm thrilled to share it with the science team. ❀️❀️ Look forward to laughs and orgasms today, followed by twitch later! Big thanks to @Saruei_ for the art, and everyone for your birthday wishes
2020-07-06 oh also I'm live
2020-07-05 This is what an angry pancake looks like!! Also I'm live you butts
2020-06-28 Ok, wifi is better today 🀣 So, let's try this again! I'm live:
2020-06-27 βš”οΈ Fun night ahead of us on CB!! βš”οΈ We'll start off playing Sengoku Rance, then switch it up to JOE fapping in the mirrored room!!! I'M LIVE:
2020-06-23 Don't judge. Girls share clothes all the time, and I'll admit it. Melware has some taste UwU
2020-06-21 Tonight we're playing future fragments on CB!! They sent yours truly a demo and I am excited to try it out. You had me at cyberpunk and hentai, guys❀️❀️❀️
2020-06-18 I'm live!! @ShimoHisae DJing tonight!!
2020-06-16 dance like no one is watching, fap like everyone is watching (because they are)
2020-06-10 Won this body in a game of strip poker. 😈 Melware is back!!! HERETIKS GLAD
2020-06-06 Hold on to your buts ladies and gentlemen, we're doin some ASMR today!!! XD
2020-06-01 I totally forgot!!! I'm live on CB!!
2020-05-29 FINALLY!!! Nailed this headstand. PRAISE ME Also um... clocks are confusing, so I guess I'm an hour early... Horray!!
2020-05-28 ❀️ I'M LIVE ON CB: + Announcements Below! 1 - Got an audio upgrade! - I can make YouTube ASMR recordings now, from girlfriend bj to tax fraud 2 - Permanently adding my Red Mode outfit to circulation. Haven't worn that baby for three months!
2020-05-23 Hey hentai fans! Tonight I'll be streaming a truly legendary game from CB ----->⭐️Sengoku Rance!⭐️ Let's have fun!!! Awesome mel artist: @INKYVIVI Catch me LIVE here: Get your own copy at:
2020-05-20 Be as water Melody.... Be as water... Thanks for waiting! I'm all together and online! Big thanks to tonights sponsor, @FAKKU
2020-05-17 SShhhhhhh we gotta be quiet, my step-bro/roomate/pack of wolves are in the next room I'm live on CB: DJ tonight: @ShimoHisae
2020-05-12 blue eyes white tiger at your service!!
2020-05-09 Just a little housekeeping tonight. Thought we'd clean the floors or whatever lol XD
2020-05-05 HEYA, GUYS!!!! Today we're playing some more hentai games, sponsored by .@FAKKU!!!! ✨I'M EXCITE xD Team CatGirl vs Team DogGirl ---- which monster girl do you find more adorbes?! ~ πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— I'M LIVE:
2020-05-02 LOOK OUT! I've got some finger guns and I'm only a little afraid to use them. See you soon on CB space cowboy!
2020-04-26 Wanna see my impersonation of a tiger!!?? RAWRRRR <3
2020-04-25 Just got back from the beach, now you can see my secret tattoo. How embarrassing!! XD Don't tell senpai
2020-04-24 Tonight we'll be playing An Adventurer's Tale (.@TopHatStudiosEN) on CB! Thank you .@FAKKU for condoning/"sponsoring" my lust for hentai cut scenes!!! LET'S PLAY: mel w/ hat pic: .@culture_117 game image: .@NoisyPixelNews
2020-04-14 I'm on CB today! Feels like I haven't been on to fap in forever... Also, new lush is in ;D
2020-04-09 I wrote a really clever post for this, but then I deleted it. But yeah, today continues the epic journey of ORAL LESSONS with our favorite simp lord, onii-chan!! Thanks to @FAKKU for giving me permission to play yo game!! β™₯️
2020-04-05 Wearing a special toy, but I bet you can't guess what it is!!! xD Rawr!!
2020-04-02 Hey guys! the paint already dried... so instead I think we'll just do a feet only stream Happy April
2020-04-01 Bringin something new to CB tonight! If you want cozy with a splash of lovense, then you should pop on over to my room. This chill af stream was brought to you by @FAKKU (thanks for making all your porn free these two weeks to all the ppl stuck inside)
2020-03-28 Guess who's back back again Mel is back Drink some water... or baja? Idk, you're an adult. lol
2020-03-26 Happy Quarantine day... idk... 45? Celebrate the sexy serenity of staying inside by joining me on CB Special DJ tonight @Shimotsukei
2020-03-22 Are you guys ready for a frickining? Cause I'm not... I'm scared. lol
2020-03-20 Need to clear my head before tonight's collaborative gaming. I'm on CB!
2020-03-17 Hey, guys! I'm online and rocking my pink buzzy boi! (finally) Come say hey! cuz I wanna play! :sweat_drops: (ps. JoJo Poses are hard)
2020-03-15 I'm online!!!! Think we'll go with some nimbus.
2020-03-14 Hey Guys!! You have asked and you receive... MY MERCH!! Hope you guys like, we've added more stuff! ALSO, I'm online, so come say hey. btw I'm improving everything but right now my new build is scuffed. >.< I'm working hard to fix everything tomorrow.
2020-03-12 Get ready for another Anisong hijack tonight!! Big thanks to guest DJs: @Shimotsukei 8-9:30 @KINOtheDJ 9:30-end
2020-03-10 ok, Sorry about the issues!! I fix. Thank you for waiting!! I'm online! https:// …
2020-03-07 I have a secret, I have a secret, I have a secret. (it's a new toy)
2020-03-05 Ohhhhhh Shiz!!! We've been hijacked tonight by my guest dj, anisonghijack!! btw I'm online
2020-03-03 It's really difficult to think of clever things to say, but I am online and you should join me! lol
2020-03-01 I've fallen and I can't get up!! lol. Also I'm streaming, some watch me be a goof
2020-03-01 Hello friends! Happy to be back! I'm online so if you want to join me that'd be awesome or whatever. XD
2020-02-28 I'm live!!!
2020-02-27 Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, lush issues.... Who's ready for some JOI??
2020-02-25 Yo yo yo. It's me Melody! I'm back and I missed all of you! Come say hi!
2020-02-22 Guess who's online? again? I am!
2020-02-21 Ohayo!! I'm online, come say hi!!
2020-02-20 Gettin online!!!!!
2020-02-18 Tech solved!! Going online!!
2020-02-17 24 hours offline and I'm feeling lonely. Come say hey!
2020-02-15 Holy frick. It's a holiday and I'm so excited to spend it with you oni-chan. You better be there...
2020-02-13 Science Team Assemble!!!
2020-02-12 exciting day planned! I've got a cool new toy to play around with on cam. I'm excited to be punished... I maaaaaaaay have failed my task on purpose...
2020-02-12 I'm gonna try streaming from the bed today Worried about the cum challenge... If I fail TOMORROW WILL BE HELL btw im online:
2020-02-10 On in a min. See you in room!!
2020-02-09 Lets cam from my mirror today! Going Live!!
2020-02-09 Sorry for technical issues! It's still early days... lol. But everything is working and I'm getting onliiineeee!!!
2020-02-08 I hope everyone's day is good so far! Ready to get online!!
2020-02-07 Hey guys! I'm totally ready and getting online now!!