Futureporn API

Futureporn Application Programmable Interface (API) for developers and power users

RSS Feed

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Data API

The Data API contains all the data served by this website in JSON format, including IPFS Content IDs (CID), VOD titles, dates, and stream announcement links.

Futureporn API Version 1

IPFS Cluster Template

The IPFS Cluster Template allows other IPFS cluster instances to join the Futureporn.net IPFS cluster as a follower peer . Cluster peers automatically pin (replicate) the IPFS content listed on this website.

Basic instructions are as follows

1. Download & install both kubo and ipfs-cluster-follow onto your server.

2. Initialize your ipfs repo & start the ipfs daemon

3. Join the cluster using ipfs-cluster-follow

Below is an example bash script to get everything you need to run an IPFS follower peer. This is only an example and may need tweaks to run in your environment.

## bootstrap.sh
## tested on Ubuntu 22.04
## install dependencies
apt install -y screen
## Open necessary firewall ports
ufw allow 9096/tcp
ufw allow 9094/tcp
ufw allow 4001/tcp
ufw allow 4001/udp
## Download kubo
wget 'https://dist.ipfs.tech/kubo/v0.24.0/kubo_v0.24.0_linux-amd64.tar.gz'
tar xvzf ./kubo_v0.24.0_linux-amd64.tar.gz
chmod +x ./kubo/install.sh
## Download ipfs-cluster-follow
wget 'https://dist.ipfs.tech/ipfs-cluster-follow/v1.0.7/ipfs-cluster-follow_v1.0.7_linux-amd64.tar.gz'
tar xvzf ./ipfs-cluster-follow_v1.0.7_linux-amd64.tar.gz
chmod +x ./ipfs-cluster-follow/ipfs-cluster-follow
mv ./ipfs-cluster-follow/ipfs-cluster-follow /usr/local/bin/
## initialize ipfs
ipfs init
## run ipfs in a screen session
screen -d -m ipfs daemon
## run ipfs-cluster-follow
CLUSTER_PEERNAME="my-cluster-peer-name" ipfs-cluster-follow futureporn.net run --init https://futureporn.net/api/service.json

Futureporn IPFS Cluster Template (service.json)