Unofficial ProjektMelody Chaturbate VOD Archive. For Adults Only. (NSFW)

The Story of Futureporn

2020 was a busy time for me. I started a small business, attended lots of support group meetings, and rode my bicycle more than ever before. I often found myself away from home during times when Melody was streaming on Chaturbate.

You probably know that unlike other video streaming platforms, Chaturbate doesn’t store any VODs. When I missed a stream, I felt sad. I felt like I had missed out and there’s no way I’d ever find out what happened.

I’m pretty handy with computer software. Creating programs and websites has been my biggest passion for my entire life. In order to never miss a ProjektMelody livestream again, I resolved to create some software that would automatically record Melody’s Chaturbate streams.

I put the project on hold for a few months, because I didn’t think I could make a website that could handle the traffic that the Science Team would generate.

I couldn’t shake the idea, though. I wanted Futureporn to exist no matter what!

I’ve been working on this project off and on for about a year and a half. It’s gone through several iterations, and each iteration has taught me something new. Right now, the website is usable for finding and downloading ProjektMelody Chaturbate VODs. Every VOD has a link to Melody’s tweet which originally announced the stream, and a title/description derived from said tweet. I have archived 243 out of her 243 known Chaturbate streams.

The project has evolved over time. Originally, I wanted to have a place to go when I missed one of Melody’s livestreams. Now, the project is becoming a sort of a time capsule. We’ve all seen how Melody has been de-platformed a half dozen times, and I’ve taken this to heart. Platforms are a problem for data preservation! This is one of the reasons for why I chose to use the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS.)

IPFS can end 404s through “pinning,” a way of mirroring a file across several different computers. It’s a way for computers to work together to serve content instead of working independently, thus gaining redundancy and performance benefits. I see a future where pinning files on IPFS becomes as easy as pinning a photo on Pinterest. Fans of ProjektMelody can pin the VODs on Futureporn, increasing that VOD’s replication and servability to future viewers.

But wait, there’s more! I have been thinking about a bunch of other stuff that could be done with past VODs. I think the most exciting thing would be to use computer vision to parse Melody’s vibrator activity from the video, and export to a data file. This data file could be used to send good vibes to a viewer’s vibrator in-sync with VOD playback. Feel what Melody feels! Very exciting, very sexy! This is a long-term goal for Futureporn.

I have several goals for Futureporn, as listed on the Goals page. A bunch of them have to do with increasing video playback performance, user interface design, but there’s a few that are pretty eccentric… Serving ProjektMelody VODs to Mars, for example!

I hope this site is useful to all the Science Team!

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