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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It's due to the public IPFS gateway ( being overloaded by requests of popular content. The IPFS gateway is a courtesy service and there are a lot of people visiting Futureporn and using that free IPFS gateway to download VODs. After so much traffic, the gateway starts dropping requests.

Futureporn is not using the public IPFS gateway as it's developers intend. The intention of the public gateway is short-term developer testing. In the early days, files listed on Futureporn were served because the traffic was small. Futureporn has grown and now the public gateway is cutting us off.

The intended method for serving lots of files is for every participant in IPFS to run their own gateway. For a time, I ran an IPFS gateway for Futureporn, but quickly discovered that it would cost $100+ every month to operate. My budget for Futureporn is $8/month which ended the gateway. For now, it's just going to be spotty as Futureporn uses the public IPFS gateway.

There's a workaround which is to use a different gateway. example:[INSERT_CONTENT_ID_HERE]

List of public IPFS gateways

Technically savvy? Even better is to run your own IPFS node .

Yes! Please and thank you! All VOD contributors get their name listed on the site.

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