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ProjektMelody Chaturbate Archive Progress: 149/201 (74%)

100% PUSH is in progress!

Do you have VODs saved which Futureporn is missing? Please E-Mail or tweet @CJ_Clippy

All VOD contributors get their name listed on the site.

Futureporn Goals

  1. ✅ Get a domain name.

  2. ☐ Archive every ProjektMelody Chaturbate stream. Progress: 149/201 (74%)

  3. ☐ Create mobile-friendly version of each video.

  4. ☐ Add a fap counter (A fancy like button so I can tell if people enjoy the site.)

  5. ☐ Secure website funding.

  6. ☐ Solicit viewer feedback.

  7. ☐ Design a sexy UI.

  8. ☐ Increase video playback performance.

  9. ☐ Enable video clipping, for highlighting crowd favorite moments.

  10. ☐ Develop Lovense vibration recording

  11. ☐ Implement syncronized Lovense vibration playback (for the audience with their own toys.)

  12. ☐ Label each VOD with tags

  13. ☐ Transcribe Closed Captions on all videos.

  14. ✅ Serve ProjektMelody VODs to Earth.

  15. ☐ Serve ProjektMelody VODs to Low Earth Orbit.

  16. ☐ Serve ProjektMelody VODs to Moonbase.

  17. ☐ Serve ProjektMelody VODs to Mars.